Active Contracts

Send ETH to the decentralized contract to win the pool prize. When all tickets are bought, the winner is chosen randomly by the contract,
and the prize is sent to the winner address.



Ticket Size: 0.05 ETH
Total Ticket: 20    Remaining: ***

Win Prize: 0.9 ETH

Buy Ticket
Send 0.05 ETH manually to the address above.
See on Etherscan

* Get 1 ticket per transactions & Send the exact ticket size amount.

What is this? / How does it works?

Keno game is the ancient basic lottery game. To enter the lottery, you need to buy a ticket. Each transaction is a ticket. After total ticket size is reached, a lucky number is revealed by the contract and sends 90% of total ETH in the contract to the winner transaction owner. Luckyether contracts are decentralized, the winner is determined randomly by the contract.

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